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Lead acid Smart Charger (3.0A) for 6v & 12v Lead Acid Battery

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Item Number: CH-TYLA0612A
Manufacturer: TYSONIC
  • This Smart Charger is designed for rapidly charging either 6V or 12V  lead acid battery with 3A current under one charger. There is a switch on the charger to select either 6V or 12V charging voltage.  If you need to charge either a 6V or 12V lead acid battery, this is the most cost effective choice.
  • Alligator Clips is installed in output terminal with 12" cable  (red clip is positive)

  • The smart charger can be used worldwide and features with 3 stages charging and promise 6V/ 12V lead acid battery to get a full charge without overcharged
  • Weight: 15Oz (425 grams)


    • AC input voltage 90 to 240 VAC Worldwide power support
    • Input frequency 50-60Hz
    • Inrush current 10A at 25oC, cold start
    • Input Current Max 2.0A
    • Efficiency 80% at rating power, 115VAC 50Hz
    • The Battery range is between 6Ah to 20Ah
    • Reverse Polarity Protection: NO
    • Short Circuit Protection: Yes
    • Charging Current 3.0A with 5 feet long cable and one set of clips
  • Charging time:
    • 3.0 hours for 7Ah
    • 8.0 Hours for 20Ah
    • Max. Output power: 48W
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