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SANYO UR18650 2600MAH 3.6V

Your Price: $6.60
Item Number: UR18650F
SIZE:Lithium ion Battery
Configuration Cylindrical Model Number : UR18650F
Volumetric Energy Density Typ.577 Wh/l
Gravimetric Energy Density Typ.211 Wh/kg
Sanyo UR18650 model holds the industry™ highest capacity for Cylindrical Lithium ion batteries in the market place. Free tabbing available for most application. These Lithium cells can be used for specialised application such as Notebook and Camcorder battery pack.

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SMART CHARGER FOR 3.7V Lithium Ion 18650 cells
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SMART CHARGER FOR 3.7V Lithium Ion 18650 cells
This is an unique product for Hobbyist and is suitable for multi-types Li-Ion cells including 18650, 17670 .The smart charger can be use worldwide with automatic cut-off and is perfect for any application that uses single Li-Ion cell.
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